“the wisest thing my husband ever said”

hello everyone! welcome to the fresh, new webpage and blog! i hope you love it! you can be checking here every week for a new update – OR, make it easier by subscribing so you can get instant updates whenever something new is uploaded! also, please feel free to shoot me an email and letContinue reading ““the wisest thing my husband ever said””

i’m a "mrs" now :)

there’s something about when +George Oloo posts a blog that almost feels like a challenge for me to post… (his blog is awesome by the way, you should read every. single. post.)  anyway… he posted (twice, in fact) and because of that…here i am 🙂 and i’m married.  i have been married for just a tad overContinue reading “i’m a "mrs" now :)”

still my chosen road…

i should probably start with some kind of explanation as to why i haven’t blogged for the past two-ish years… 🙂   well… life happens…and over the hills and bumps and valleys and rocky paths of my chosen road, some of that life has been heartbreaking, hurtful, disappointing and i’ve faced rejection, defeat, frustration andContinue reading “still my chosen road…”

…don’t worry about missing out…

“steep your life in God-reality, God-initiative, God-provisions. don’t worry about missing out.” – matthew 6:33 (the message) i’ve been frustrated with myself lately – i don’t know if anyone reading this will relate, but so often i try so hard to be so good at everything that i end up having a few days ofContinue reading “…don’t worry about missing out…”

interpretive dances and such…

it’s 12:43 a.m. and i can’t sleep… just an f.y.i. 🙂 in church last sunday, my dad preached an awesome message titled “next.” (you can download it HERE) amazing to me how i get excited over that one word. next. if you are in a season anything like mine, next offers hope, interest and relief!Continue reading “interpretive dances and such…”