still my chosen road…

i should probably start with some kind of explanation as to why i haven’t blogged for the past two-ish years… 🙂  

well… life happens…and over the hills and bumps and valleys and rocky paths of my chosen road, some of that life has been heartbreaking, hurtful, disappointing and i’ve faced rejection, defeat, frustration and desperation.  but it has also had it’s share (more so in the last year) of victory, joy, happiness, love, healing and revelation.

in january of last year (2014) i went on a 40 day fast (43 days to be exact).  i’d just reached a place where i needed an encounter with God, i needed freedom, i needed deliverance and i needed healing like never before.  so for 43 days, i fasted food (only water, and a small serving of fruit or veggies a day), i fasted social media and entertainment… i read through the entire Bible (chronologically) and read 12 books.  i prayed continually through the days.  i let God dig deep into the places that hurt, the places i’d rather keep hidden from Him and from myself.  i looked long and hard in the mirror of my soul and allowed myself to see the truth reflected there.  i worshipped and sang my heart out.  i cried a heck of a lot.  
and somewhere in that process, healing and freedom found me.
tho freedom, i’ve found, is a continual choice.  it’s a daily walk.  it’s a never ending process.
the enemy is crafty, cruel and subtle… if i don’t keep my guard up, my eyes open and my spirit sensitive, those old chains can be ever so coyly slipped back over me.  
this road i’ve chosen – it’s narrow and i’m constantly seeing massive eight lane highways of compromise and convenience on the left and right… 
but this is the road i’ve chosen…because the destination is worth it.  
and who i become in the travel is wonderful.  

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| loved, forgiven and walking by grace | allan's wife | musician | producer | african by heart | follower of Jesus | ♡

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