i’m a "mrs" now :)

there’s something about when +George Oloo posts a blog that almost feels like a challenge for me to post… (his blog is awesome by the way, you should read every. single. post.)  anyway… he posted (twice, in fact) and because of that…here i am 🙂

and i’m married.  i have been married for just a tad over 3 months.  i mean, we are talking INFANCY stages here, so i won’t even pretend to start offering all my nuggets of wisdom on marriage, seeing as i’m still learning how to not freak out and giggle like a schoolgirl whenever someone says “husband” referring to the guy that gave me his name…!!!

HOWEVER… i will say something to all the single girls out there…

God is faithful.  i know you’ve heard that A MILLION TIMES and it starts to feel super annoying.
but He is.

if i told you my story… man, i have walked a HARD road in my life, a lot due to choices i made and a lot due to choices others made, but it has been hard.  full of heartbreak, failure, sin, shame, hurt, fear, rejection… i can show you journals that have MONTHS of consecutive entries of utterly destroyed dreams, complete embarrassment, fighting hopelessness, wanting to trust God but at a loss to understand Him.  i can tell you about crying through nights, fighting through days and questioning all the cliche’s i had been told regarding my everlasting singleness (or so it felt).

and then i met him.  totally unexpected.  he was my friend.  and then i got a crush on him but that freaked me out because my track record until that point was not a shining example of “liking the guy who likes you back.”  and then he liked me back.  and that freaked me out because my track record up until that point was not a shining example of “liking the guy who likes you who is actually gonna work out.”

and every step, i was waiting for the inevitable – pain, heartache, rejection, dishonesty, stupidity…
and every step, he shielded me.  he challenged me.  he loved me.  he was NEVER moved by any step of the process he had to go through.  he made me feel like the “pearl of great price” – he was willing to do whatever it took to get me.  ME.  rebekah dawn – stubborn, complicated, in a very public place of ministry, mzungu, broken, afraid, chubby.   yeah… he prized ME.

and that took my breath away.  he made me safe.  he gave me a place to be “the weaker vessel.”
he made me laugh.  he made me grow.  he made me happy.

he still does.

i just wanted you to know…  God is faithful.  i am almost ashamed at how SHOCKED i am at God’s promise actually being true.  isn’t that crazy?  God wasn’t lying, or taunting, or punishing, or ignoring me… He knew.  He knew Allan was in my future.  and my eyes fill with tears at how wonderful Allan is, how underserving i am, how faithful God is.

trust Him.  He’s not lying.  i promise.
don’t waste your waiting (singleness ROCKS!!!!  for reals – go out and buy something without having to ask your husband if it fits in the budget that month, and eat popcorn for dinner without wondering if it meets the standards of “good wife skills” and go on missions trips and travel and spend 4 nights at your friends house and …. yeah… ), but wait knowing… you may not walk down the aisle as a blushing 20 year old bride…some of us walk down that aisle a little older … but i can honestly tell you, it is worth waiting for.  the man God is preparing for you?? oh my goodness, he is worth waiting for…


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9 thoughts on “i’m a "mrs" now :)

  1. The last part of the piece settled so deeply in my heart it's a conversation I've been having with the Lord, many of us are afraid of getting married older because we think we'll be alone longer and thats a bit scary… but yes the Lord is faithful..May we always be persuade of this. Thank you!

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