cuz martin said it better…

“this life, therefore,is not righteousness…but growth in righteousness.not health…but healing.not being…but becoming.we are not yet what we shall be,but we are growing toward it.the process is not yet finished,but it is going on.this is not the end,but it is the road.all does not yet gleam in glory…but all is being purified.”~martin luther~ enough said.

mirror mirror on the wall….

ok, it’s been so long since the last time i updated this blog that i forgot my password and had to go through the whole password changing process…that’s pathetic. so, my bad…i’m still getting into the hang of this… for those of you who know about my recent move from “the nest,” things have beenContinue reading “mirror mirror on the wall….”

lessons from the country girl….

so i’m in my new house – it’s amazing…following are a few of life’s great lessons one can only learn when living alone in shagz….#1. brown river water will turn all your brilliant white clothes into a neutral shade of beige.#2. don’t put rat poison in the roof…they’ll die and rot up there.#3. if yourContinue reading “lessons from the country girl….”