lessons from the country girl….

so i’m in my new house – it’s amazing…following are a few of life’s great lessons one can only learn when living alone in shagz….
#1. brown river water will turn all your brilliant white clothes into a neutral shade of beige.
#2. don’t put rat poison in the roof…they’ll die and rot up there.
#3. if your house is low on power, just switch off your fridge when you need to shower in order to facilitate enough power to the hot water heater.
#4. bathing from a bucket REALLY isn’t that bad…really….
#5. bugs are attracted to light. walk around in the dark if you don’t want a bazillion moths flying around your lightbulbs.
#6. constantly be on the lookout for hay wagons stopped randomly in the middle of the road.
#7. when in doubt, spray DOOM on it…
#8. spiders in shagz take longer to die.
#9. don’t be concerned at seemingly sadist reactions to crawling things…it’s survival of the stubbornest.
…and finally…
#10. it’s probably not a smart idea to heat up food in a hot water kettle since you don’t have a microwave.


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| loved, forgiven and walking by grace | allan's wife | musician | producer | african by heart | follower of Jesus | ♡

2 thoughts on “lessons from the country girl….

  1. HI!!! we just found you…and we laughed really hard at this. and we put you as a link on our site 🙂 we love you. keep writing! we are glad the Lord is teaching you patience with shagz spiders 🙂 –joel & melissa


  2. wa!:) uv so made my afte, i hadn’t seen this. im still laughing!!!look on the bright side – ur a pretty quick learner..soon, those spiders will understand that there’s a new sheriff in town..,oh well, in the village!


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