to shine like the moon

the moon is one big, giant piece of dead rock. no life, no ability to generate light on it’s own. and yet, all over the world, every night, people gaze up at the moon, entranced by it’s beauty, captured by its allure. a piece of shining silver in a dark sky… it can light the path of those in darkness. yet the moon is incapable of creating light… it’s only ability is to reflect the light of the sun. and by doing so, it is illuminated for the world to see.

oh to shine like the moon…to reflect the light of the Sun (Son) so that when the world see’s me, they are really seeing Him. there may be those who have no ability to see the Sun…they are lost, unbelievers, cloaked in a night of sin, failure, hurt, rebellion… they may not be able to see the Sun, but they can see me. i’m in their world, and by reflecting Him in my life, they see Him, and are awakened to the Light of day.

oh to shine like the moon…

Published by rebekahdawnmusic

| loved, forgiven and walking by grace | allan's wife | musician | producer | african by heart | follower of Jesus | ♡

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