2020: In the dark…

To say that 2020 has been one of the most unexpected, bordering unbelievable years so far, for me at least, is an understatement. Just when I think the year can’t get much crazier, I simply have to peruse almost any social media platform to be quickly reminded that my thinking is wrong. A global pandemic,Continue reading “2020: In the dark…”

what do you have in your hand?

there is this moment in the Bible…moses has seen the burning bush and God has just painted this huge picture of the deliverance of His people from the oppression of egypt and how moses was going to lead them into the promised land! an incredible vision and great purpose and a call from heaven toContinue reading “what do you have in your hand?”

read this if you need some JOY!

i don’t know about you, but i find that joy is one of the hardest things to maintain in life.  with the humdrum of responsibilities and burdens and need and busy-ness, i usually find the first thing i tend to lose my hold of is joy.  mundane and typical and stressed and weary and tiredContinue reading “read this if you need some JOY!”