i dare not follow me

dare i not draw close to God
on Whose strength i so depend?
dare i turn to other wells
to quench my thirst within?
dare i look within myself
to find the answers sought?
why leave the Source of all i seek
with other sources proven naught?
there is one Place to which i go
where all i need is found.
dare i keep turning to the dark
when, in Him, the Light abounds?
i dare not risk the hidden snares
when dark beckons and calls
for here, when i draw close to God
i find my all in all.

though i may not fully comprehend
His timing or His ways
this i do know, beyond all doubt,
perfect and good is all He says.
what is my alternative
what is my other choice?
to ignore His Word and instead turn
to follow reason’s voice?
dare i leave Wisdom’s path
to follow my own plan?
dare i trust what i can see
instead of trust His careful hands?
why would i choose opinions of men
when they also are blind as me?
all our vision blurred and limited and short
but God views and knows eternity.
dare i risk His perfection
to satisfy my impatience?
dare i exalt my foolish pride
and risk the genuine for imitations?

i dare not pay so high a price
when, of this, i am assured
no matter “when” or “if” or “how”
i can trust fully in His Word.
i have proven over and over again
even when the way feels long
only when i follow His lead
can i sing my freedom song.
i need no other argument
there is no other path i see
it is enough for me to follow Christ
i dare not follow me.

– by rebekah dawn

Published by rebekahdawnmusic

| loved, forgiven and walking by grace | allan's wife | musician | producer | african by heart | follower of Jesus | ♡

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