December 19

After Jesus was born, wise men came seeking Him, for they had seen a star (the first source of light) in the sky that signified a new king had been born. The Scripture says, “The heavens declare the glory of God.” (Psalm 19:1) Even though these were Gentiles, God still had a way to reach them, to speak to them and draw them to Him. God always does…He can use anything to get our attention and communicate with us! Once the wise men started their journey, they went to the palace of King Herod – a natural place to look for a new king, but when King Herod heard Whom they were looking for, where did he look? In the Word. He called the religious teachers and they looked in the Word to confirm a new king would be born in Bethlehem. The Word was the second source of light…the Word was the lamp to their feet and the light to their path. Where the star pointed, the Word precisely directed. God uses creation to declare His glory, God uses His Word to clarify directions. God is in the business of drawing all to Himself. What made these wise men wise is that they paid attention, they sought direction and they followed divine instructions. So many others (including the religious!) missed out, but the wise men looked for Christ. And when they found Him, they bowed in worship and surrender. The star (the first light) and the Word (the second light) brought them to Jesus, The Light. The path to Him was illuminated to bring them to the source of all Light.

They travelled from the east to find Him and to worship Him. Like the wise men who followed the star and followed the Word looking for the newborn King, I must ask myself, what am I looking for this Christmas?  Am I looking for Him?

When you find Christ, you find everything
else in Him.
What are you looking for today?
Can I assure you that no matter what it is, it will be found in Him. He is our all in all.

Even during this holiday season, are we seeking the holy moments found in family and friends gathering, found in the giving and receiving, found in the preparation and creativity? We must be keenly watching and searching for Him in the midst of it all, for He is there.

May we all pay attention, seek directions and follow divine instructions. May we look around at creation that declares His glory, may we search the Word for directions, may we be aware if all that is being illuminated to draw us to Jesus… and when we find Him, may we bow in worship and surrender.

Prayer: Lord, all around me in creation, You are revealing Your glory. Your Word is the lamp to my feet and the light to my path. May I have the eyes to see and the heart to seek, for in You, all I need is found. May I never stop seeking Your kingdom and never stop bowing to worship You, my King. Amen.

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