December 18

First, the shepherds hurried and found the Child – then, after seeing Him, they told everyone what they had seen. (Luke 2:17) What we tell is based on what we see, and what is see is based on what we are looking for. In other words, we’re going to talk about what we’re looking to talk about. We have to stay so careful about this truth, because we will see what we want to see, what we are looking to see. The shepherds could have walked out, after seeing the Child, and told everyone, “Oh, it’s bad! Jesus was in a manger! And His parents are so common. I’m not sure we should have much hope. The situation is grim. If this is the Messiah we’ve been waiting for, well then, it is very disappointing.” If they had gone to look for the bad, they could have found it and let it fill their hearts and then talked about it! We all have that choice.

You can tell where someone’s heart is by what they speak. You can tell what is truly in your own heart by what you speak. The Word says that what has been stored up in our hearts will be heard in the overflow of our words (Matthew 12:34). When we look around us, what do we look for and see? What do we allow to enter and be stored up in our hearts? It is evidenced by what we say.  The shepherds saw Him and then they told everyone what they had experienced – their hearts were full of what they had looked for.

This is the season to look for Him, to find Him, to prioritize Him, to see Him and to tell others. Often, at family gatherings or get-togethers with friends during the holidays (especially after a year like this one), our conversation quickly turns to politics, the state of the nation, family challenges, economic crisis, gossip… but my friends, this is our opportunity to tell others, “I have seen Him. He makes all the difference. He is the answer, the hope, the way and truth and life. He is the very real Presence in times of trouble. He is our joy and our peace, no matter what goes on in this broken world. I have good news!!” It is not merely a sentiment  for Christmas – it is the solid foundation of our faith. He is here. And He comes to make things right. If that is not the good news that is being spoken by us, perhaps the good news isn’t truly in our hearts? Our words mirror our hearts.

While others might be hurrying to look for and then telling everyone about the problem, we are hurrying to look for and then telling everyone about the Answer. While others might be hurrying to look for and then telling everyone about fear, we are hurrying to look for and then telling everyone about Hope.

It is up to me where I turn my eyes, where I turn my focus and the message will come from that.  May we all speak of the goodness and hope and power we have seen and found in Him.

Prayer: Lord, may I hide Your word in my heart and may I turn my focus away from all the negative, all the anger, all the fear and instead, turn my gaze upon You. You are the Answer. May I seek after You and search for You and may the hope, wisdom, perspective and joy that You bring fill my heart to overflowing. Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to You, oh Lord. Let me spread the good news of great joy because it has filled my heart afresh! Amen.

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