December 11

During this season of Advent, I find myself constantly going back to the fact that Christ chose a manger over a throne. He picked an ordinary life with an ordinary family over royalty and the seeming “ease” of wealth and riches. One would think He could make such a stronger impact that way, walking the halls of power and interacting with the elite and influential.

Yet He chose the lowly. He chose the ordinary. He chose the difficult. He then lived in total obscurity for 30 years, and when He did start His public ministry, it was with 12 rough disciples. He walked everywhere, He had “no place to rest His head.” … this is not quite what we would call “successful,” judging by so many of today’s standards of success.

Let us all be reminded by His birth and life and death that God has not required us to be “successful” as the world would call it… He has required us to be faithful. He gave us the example in Jesus… One Who walked an ordinary life, like ours… One Who didn’t “have it all” but GAVE it all.

If you’ve been tempted to look around at your circumstances and where you’ve been placed in this season with disdain, be encouraged to start seeing this season, these circumstances and this moment as where God needs and desires faithfulness from you. It may not look and feel like you’re being very successful… but if you are being faithful – faithful to obey, serve, love, and give – then just know that in Heaven’s eyes, you are succeeding! Jesus didn’t have a large group of followers or disciples, but those He did invest in changed the world. He didn’t have connections to the high and mighty or fame and fortune… but He now stands at the right hand of the Father.

Don’t postpone being faithful to “one day” when you have what you think is necessary to be influential – look at Jesus, learn from Jesus, live like Jesus. When we stand before Him, on that great day, we want to hear, “Well done, My good and faithful servant.” Does that describe us? Good and faithful? A servant?

Prayer: Jesus, I want to be like You. I want to be faithful right where I’m at, in the season I am in, with what I have and who is surrounding me. You have required faithfulness from me and You showed me how. May I, like You, be found faithful. Amen.

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