December 9

This is what the angels told the shepherds in Luke 2:10 when they announced the birth of Jesus.

This world is so desperate for good news – everywhere we look, it’s easy to see one bad report after another.

Jesus coming is the most joyous news the world has ever heard… and it is for EVERYONE. EVERYWHERE. So whether you live in Africa or the U.S. or Europe… whether you are from a big city or a small village, whether rich or poor, whether known or obscure, whether old or young… this is the most joyous news for YOU. Yes, you!

This is the most joyous news we have to share! Why pass on the bad news when we have the very best news? Jesus has come to make all things right.  He has come to make the way for us.

We, believers in Jesus, should be the ones spreading this most joyous news… what news have you been spreading lately? It’s easy to get caught up in the feelings and reality of what is happening around us, because it is real, and where we’re at and what and what is going on… but perhaps we have forgotten the greater reality? Perhaps we have ceased to spread the most joyous news in favor of the most common news? Why, when those around us talk in frustration, fear, division and anger, why do we not share the good news of great joy?

This does not mean that we are superficially detached from what is happening in the world around us! It doesn’t mean we are caught up in the sweet by-and-by, with our head in the clouds and unrealistic about what we see and feel. Not at all. Think about it this way… if you had a family member or friend dying in a locked jail cell and Jesus knocked on your door one day and said, “Here is the exact key for that jail cell! I got it for your loved one! It’s for free!”, that wouldn’t mean you are denying that your loved one is locked up and dying… but that news has changed the reality of it! Imagine going to that loved one, and when they tell you how hard it has been for them, how much pain they are in or how much they are suffering, and all you said in response was, “Yes, this jail cell is so bad. I hate it. It’s so discouraging.”? My friends, none of us, if we had that kind of good news, would hide it away. We would rejoice and spread the hope that our reality has changed because of Jesus!

Emmanuel has come… He has come to set captives free, to remove the burden of guilt and shame, to secure eternity in heaven with the Father, to teach and to show us how to live and love.  He has come to ransom us.  He has come to see the unseen and care for the forgotten.  He has come to conquer sin and death. He has come to HEAL and restore. He comes with justice. He comes in mercy. He is with us. He is God With Us.

Can I encourage you to take every opportunity you have to spread GOOD NEWS to everyone everywhere? Your family, your friends, the guard at your gate, the lady you buy vegetables from, your social media platforms, your chat groups… wherever you are, be the one to remind those in your world that God is here, using every single thing for our good and His glory! Let’s not be passing by all in our world who are locked up in despair, hopelessness, fear, anxiety, anger and hurt without telling them, “I have good news for you that changes everything!”

Prayer: Lord, I have gotten caught up many times with the bad news, the angry news, the confusing news, the hurtful news, the divisive news, the worldly news… refresh my mind and heart and spirit today with the most joyous news! Jesus, Your coming to walk among us does not detach me from the reality of this world – but it changes everything about the current affairs! It brings purpose and power and hope and direction to everything! Help me, not only to focus on this good news myself, but to share it to everyone everywhere! Let me be a voice of calm, hope and joy this season! Amen.

Published by rebekahdawnmusic

| loved, forgiven and walking by grace | allan's wife | musician | producer | african by heart | follower of Jesus | ♡

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