December 16

When Mary was heavy with child, there was a census called for and everyone had to travel to their hometown. For Mary and Joseph, that meant a 90 mile walk (anywhere from 4 to 8 days) just days before her labor, from Nazareth to Bethlehem.

This seems so inconvenient – but it was this journey that positioned them to be in Bethlehem when Jesus was born, thus fulfilling prophecy given hundreds of years before. There were so many prophecies about the coming Messiah and had even one not been fulfilled, Jesus’ legitimacy as Messiah would have been nullified. That inconvenience of walking 90 miles when 9 months pregnant was simply God working in the details.

What an incredible reminder that God causes all things to work together for good – what we call “inconvenience” is always His providence – that word means “timely preparation for future events.” How powerful that something as difficult, as stressful and as unexpected as a decree to travel far (when Mary was just about to give birth) was actually “timely preparation” – God had perfectly timed it all, He was in the details, He was intentional and perfect and good.

Be reminded, in this season, that God has not forgotten you and that He is so carefully involved and in control.  He can wield governments to do His bidding and move an entire nation just to place two people in Bethlehem at the exact right moment… He does not overlook details, He is not unaware of what is going on with you and what may seem like a setback is most likely a set-up for His glory and goodness to be seen.

God doesn’t waste anything. No season or moment, no advancement or setback, no wilderness, valley or mountain, no delay or denial, no blessing or waiting…NOTHING is wasted with God. He is using it all…all…for good. Perhaps this whole year has felt like a setback, perhaps inconvenience after inconvenience have been piled on top of each other in 2022 – just remember, it ALL is timely preparation for future events.

Prayer: Lord, I can’t help sometimes but look around and feel frustration at the situations I am in or I have walked through. Help me remember today and moving forward that You waste nothing. Everything is working for good and for Your glory. Help me trust You more. You see the details of my life, You see the details of our stories and You are arranging and shifting and delaying and redirecting all for good. My perspective is limited to the temporary, but You see it all, into eternity, so I can trust You. Amen.

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