December 14

A young mother, a carpenter husband, an innkeepers spare barn, a government exercise of taking a census, low members of society (shepherds)…. normal; boring; nothing special.

The plan of the ages began in the mundane – that word means ordinary. The majesty of heaven, the great redemption story took place in the ordinary.

And people missed it because their expectations of a Messiah and a Savior and a Deliverer were likely not imagined or expected to be so… usual.

Today, may we be encouraged that Majesty came to the mundane.
Glory was born without glamor. Omnipotent was birthed into ordinary. Power came in a peculiar manner because Christ came clothed in flesh.

He didn’t come in grandeur and might and prestige because then so few of us would relate… both simple and significant people sought Him out and bowed in worship (shepherds and magi), showing that all are welcome, but His chosen place to live and grow made Him accessible and REAL to the ordinary, everyday and normal.

When you look around your ordinary, everyday and normal life and circumstances, be reminded that that is where He wants to bring His majesty.

Prayer: Lord, You came down to earth in the most down-to-earth way possible. You chose such normal, usual circumstances. May that encourage me today… You do not overlook me. You long to bring Your majesty and power to my very real, normal and ordinary life. May I not disqualify myself from what You want to do in me and through me because Your birth and life has already proven that You choose everyday, ordinary people and places to hold Your majesty. Amen.

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