December 6

This is the second description of His Name in Isaiah 9:6 – “He shall be called Mighty God.”

This Name is so comforting to me. He is mighty – that means powerful and strong and able. He rides on clouds, He commands armies of angels, He speaks and light is formed, He calls out every star by its name. He has all power and dominion, all authority in heaven and on earth and under the earth. He is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. No plague, sorrow, scheme or enemy can overthrow Him. His might is matchless!

All the more reason to be awed by how He chose to reveal Himself on earth – not as an impressive warrior but as a normal carpenter. Not born into the halls of power but into the dusty streets of everyday life.  Not as one who would fight to be heard and grasp at recognition and fame, but as One Who came to serve, to seek out the hurting, the lost, the forgotten.

Sometimes, during this Advent season, when we gaze upon a tiny baby in a manger, it can be difficult not to question…this is the Mighty God spoken of by the prophet Isaiah? This child, born to normal, everyday, common people? This weak, frail, little baby, with no political connections or even priestly connections? He is the Mighty God? How could mighty be so…so simple?

Why not invade the sky with all the powers of heaven behind Him to cause all of earth to cower and bow, since He could? Why not speak out with His thunderous voice and shake every soul to its core, since He’s able? Why take years to live among us, having no name or reputation, with all of the eternal forces of power that He had at His beck and call just silent and unused?

Because of His wisdom and love, this is how He chose to show us His power and His might.  He is the God Who can calm billowing, raging seas at His Word yet invites children into His presence. He can multiply a meager lunch to feed thousands upon thousands yet He sees and stops for a grieving mother who lost her only son.  He showed us that He can do the very great, yet still not overlook the very small. His might raised the dead – His might stopped for conversation. His might turned water to wine – His might noticed the forgotten.

Mighty enough to command the miraculous. Mighty enough to console the mundane.

This is how mighty our God is. He spent a life on earth, not just to show us that He can… but that He will.
He will see us.
He will hear us.
He will care about our needs, great and small.
He will love us.
He will hold back judgement for mercy.
He will listen.
He will teach.
He will.

The next time you feel overwhelmed that your problem is either too big for Him or too small and not important enough for Him to see, whisper these words with a heart of absolute wonder…
He is a mighty, mighty God. 

Prayer: Jesus, how amazing You are! You could have come from heaven with all of Your power on display and, in Your might, forced us to obey – but You chose to wrap Your might in gentleness, that we could see Your heart of love, compassion and grace. Yes, Lord, You have all power, but I am so grateful that You chose to wield that power through love and service, so that we could approach You, talk to You and know You. No problem I have is too big for Your might… no problem I have is too small for Your might. I worship You today, Mighty God!

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