December 4

“Then Mary responded, saying, ‘This is amazing! I will be a mother for the Lord! As His servant, I accept whatever He has for me.'” – Luke 1:38 (The Passion)

When the angel told Mary that she had been chosen to bring the Messiah into the world, this was her response and I am constantly in awe of her submission… her faith… her willingness.

This was not an invitation to stardom, to celebrity status, to fame and fortune… this was a mystery, a challenge, and something that had the potential to cost her EVERYTHING. In those few words of agreement, she had no idea how her parents and family would respond, what her fiancee would say or do, what people would say, if she would be ridiculed or called mad…she had no assurances, no guarantees that her obedience would be comfortable or even easy.

Yet she said YES. In spite of all the unknowns, she said yes. “I am the Lord’s maidservant…” She agreed for the impossible to be made possible in her and through her. She didn’t ask a hundred questions, she didn’t ask for the game plan, she didn’t plead for security or assurances. Out of her heart of trust and devotion, she simply said, “Be it unto me according to Thy word...I accept whatever He has for me.” Her obedience also meant her own deliverance, for she was saying YES to carry the One Who would carry her, to raise the One Who would eventually raise her, to hold the One Who would, one day, hold her. Her YES was the key to her own blessing.

Our response to what God asks of us is the measure of how much we truly trust Him. It’s easy to claim that trust, to sing about it in church and write about it in journals and post about it in quotes…but whether we truly, really, actually do trust Him is revealed in our response – our actions, our choices, our obedience. Do you know the old chorus that says, “Trust and obey, for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey”? Those simple lyrics hold a deep revelation – trusting Him and obeying Him go together. I cannot truly claim to trust Him if I am unwilling to obey Him.

Our submission to what He asks is always, ultimately, for our own good and the key to our blessing and the blessing of those around us. It may not look that way or feel that way. It may seem that it costs too much, but oh how we underestimate God when we think that He requires too great a sacrifice – we cannot outgive Him, but even more than that, we cannot out-good Him! His goodness, His wisdom, His plan so far surpasses ours in every possible way!

I find that I can easily agree to God’s plan and His instructions when I know I’ll be made to look good, when it’s for my prosperity, when it means attention and fame, when it means ease and safety… but Lord, how I want the same heart and bravery, like Mary, to say YES no matter the cost, no matter if it doesn’t (yet) fully make sense. YES because I trust the Lord, and no matter what He asks, He is worthy of my obedience and it is my honor to follow Him. YES because He is good. YES because He is intentional and weaving a grand story, and no matter what He asks of me, it is for His glory and the greater good. YES because I believe in Him. YES, Lord…I accept whatever You have for me.

Prayer: Lord, I want this same heart and this same willingness and this same trust. I desire to be fully submitted to whatever You have for me, but I falter sometimes, because I don’t see the full picture of what You are doing or I’m worried that what You ask me might cost me too much. Help me to remember this – whatever You ask of me, it is always, always, ALWAYS for good. Whatever You ask of me, Lord, YES. I am willing. I am submitted. I trust You. I believe You. YES.

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