God wants to meet us daily…

It amazes me how many times in the Word God emphasizes the daily. Mercy is new every morning; today, if you hear His voice, don’t harden your hearts; give us this day our daily bread; today is the day of salvation… Even though the Scripture is full of stories about big events and moments, it always somehow comes back down to the ordinary daily.

In Exodus, when God was teaching His people how He wanted to be worshipped, He didn’t say, “Sunday is the only holy day where I will meet with you – once in seven days will My glory be encountered.” While He DID show us the incredible importance and insistence on the corporate gathering, there is one verse that stands out to me wonderfully…

“This is to be your regular, daily Whole-Burnt Offering before God, generation after generation…that’s where I’ll meet you; that’s where I’ll speak with you…” – Exodus 29:42-43

The instruction for those offerings had been given and they were to be offered morning and night, every day. The fire was never to go out, the altar was never to be empty. Daily, God wanted something offered and the fire to always be burning. And then He says, “That’s where I’ll meet you – in the daily. In the regular. That’s where I’ll speak to you – in your ordinary.” (paraphrased)

This is SO WONDERFUL to me! God wants to meet me in my ordinary, daily, regular… in fact, He wants that ordinary, daily, regular to be my sacrifice! While the Word is packed full of the stories and necessities and blessings that come from the special gatherings, God does not overlook the ordinary.

Friend, God wants to meet us and speak to us in our daily. He wants those things we do in those places offered as a sacrifice… the dish washing, floor sweeping, meal preparing, child rearing, clothes folding, tea drinking, normal conversing, closet organizing, traffic driving, desk working, school going, online chatting, phonecalling, daily Bible reading, afternoon napping, tv watching, music listening days…. He wants to meet us THERE. He wants the fire for Him to be burning there. He wants the sacrifices to be given there. And when they are… when our “ordinary” are given to Him, He will come speak to us and meet with us. What a wonder!!

So while there is an irreplaceable, undeniable, special blessing on the Sunday gatherings and special moments (and may we be there to receive them!), there is also a promise of His presence in our regular, daily offerings… may we seek Him and find Him ever present, ever speaking in our normal days!

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