…come higher…

something way down deep inside you knows
beyond every nagging voice of doubt, disappointment and fear
that there is meant to be MORE in this life…
more than frustrated, dull days of repetitious duties,
pointless conversations,
shallow love,
petty issues,
making ends meet….
something way down deep inside you is crying out for LIFE, ADVENTURE, PURPOSE and MAJESTY.

that is the voice of God.
that is Him saying, “I created you for something GREATER.
I did not create you to exist… I created you to LIVE!
see past what your eyes tell you… look into My realm…
see things from My perspective…
you are called to make a difference.
you are called to BE different.”

your circumstances don’t need to change…
it’s time for YOU to change….
rise UP!!! rise UP!!! RISE UP!!!!!!

there is so much more!!
there is so much more than confused attempts at significance!
there is so much more than horrid cycles of sin!
there is so much more than human wisdom, earthly perspective and fleshly pursuits!
come higher…come higher….

listen to that little voice…listen to the whisper
listen to the yearning desire that you so easily wave away as lofty ambitions

come on! you KNOW you were meant for more!
the past may tell you don’t qualify,
the present may tell you it’s impossible,
and even the future may tell you it’s hopeless…

but the Cross of Calvary is shouting out,
there. is. a. way.
it may be a quiet shout, but it’s persistent…
when the voices of failure, hurt, bitterness and hopelesness stop to catch their breath
the TRUTH is still speaking, for HE never stops.

you were made for more…
you were made for more…
you can be more…

….come higher…..

Published by rebekahdawnmusic

| loved, forgiven and walking by grace | allan's wife | musician | producer | african by heart | follower of Jesus | ♡

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