…He knows you’re hungry…

i love Jesus. as in, a LOT! He is so in tune with what we need. in matthew 15, one of the most beautiful stories of Jesus is told – one that shows how real He is.

“they came…all sorts of people in need…He healed them…but Jesus wasn’t finished with them. He called His disciples and said, ‘I hurt for these people…they have nothing to eat. I can’t send them away without a meal – they’d probably collapse on the road.'” (from matt. 15, the message)

“‘I am deeply moved for the crowd…I am not willing to send them away hungry…'” (amplified bible)

honestly, that is one of the most beautiful, caring scriptures in the whole bible to me…He’s not willing to send me away hungry. Jesus had been healing people, but, as the message puts it, He wasn’t finished them after healing the disabilities… He knew and was aware of the fact that they were hungry. and it stirred sympathy and concern in His heart towards the people.

their hunger caused Him to be moved. not their deep spiritual needs – their fleshly, natural needs. He payed attention. He wasn’t disconnected from their reality – yes, they are excited and blessed to be healed…yes, they are willing to follow Him, to walk after Him, to seek and find Him in order to be healed… but that requires energy. and energy is found in food. 🙂

Jesus knew that without sustenance, their pursuit would be cut short. they would collapse, they would falter….

that’s my God. that is my Lord!! He’s so AWESOME! He KNOWS we get tired. He KNOWS we are hungry. He KNOWS that even though we are thrilled to be a part of the miraculous, we have everyday, ordinary needs that can distract us from receiving the extraordinary – He knows we need daily bread. rent, school fees, a husband, a wife, a business contract, groceries, parking fees, bus fare, an encouraging word, a smile, a hug…. the basics. the “not so spiritual but still REALLY important” needs! 🙂

Jesus is not willing to send you away hungry. He’s not finished with you. even though big things might be happening, He hurts for you, knowing that you truly want the big things but still need the “small things”… He’s not going to finish with the “big stuff” and then leave you frustrated and your needs unmet.

“everyone ate. they had all they wanted.” (from matt. 15, the message bible)

isn’t He just wonderful?? 🙂

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