the power of perspective

it’s nothing new – i’ve heard it many times, yet i always need to be reminded when facing something big. everything is relative. if you’re standing in front of a massive boulder that weighs a thousand pounds, well…it could be intimidating. and make you feel weak. and small. and insignificant. but if you’re taken up to the top of mount kilimanjaro and then look at the boulder from THAT perspective…well first of all, can you even SEE the boulder from that high up? if you could, it would be a speck! a tiny dot! that huge thing that had freaked you out before is now laughable and not worth bothering over.

all it takes is a change of perspective.

to change your perspective, change your position.

“look up, and be alert to what is going on around Christ…see things from His perspective.”
– colossians 3:3 (the message)

look up…look up… see things from His perspective. that’s powerful. and simple.

this is one of the reasons i LOVE and NEED to worship and praise God. psalm 100:2 says “…sing yourselves into His presence.” (the message) on my own, looking at bills, broken relationships, sickness, hurt, confusion… well, it’s the big boulder in front of me. it’s a LOT of big boulders. all too big for me to do much about… all intimidating, all making me feel weak and overwhelmed.

but in the arms of Jesus…standing by the Maker of Stars, the One who just SPEAKS and worlds are formed, the One Who cures blindness with mud, the One Who defeated death itself, the One Who is Good and Goodness, the Amazing Counselor, Strong God, Eternal Father, Prince of Wholeness (is.9:2) … now it’s different. now what was once too big is DWARFED by the shadow of Who is BIGGEST.

look up.
sing yourself into His presence.
in His presence is FULLNESS of joy.
everything changes when you see it from His perspective…
everything is relative.
what you’re facing may be huge.
God is bigger. by far.
He wins.
don’t let the bully on the school playground mess with you anymore…
the Principal of the whole school is your Dad!

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