ready or not??

so here’s what’s been on my heart the past few days… reading the story of esther has been stirring my heart… this woman was prepared for her date with destiny. when her opportunity came, she was ready – she had been focussed on this moment for the past one year.

when opportunity meets preparation, the extraordinary happens…

opportunities rise but am i prepared for them? i’ve really been taking stock of my desires and requests and asking myself this question, “am i ready for the answer to that prayer?” have i invested in getting ready for the breakthrough?

when the woman with the alabaster jar anointed Jesus, she didn’t walk into His presence saying, “Lord, i’ve got some serious issues and i need You to sort me out.” no, she was prepared. she had invested greatly into her moment with Jesus. she came with the right heart, with the right actions… she did not just assume that since “Jesus is Lord” then all the responsibility was on Him to “work the miracles.” she came ready to give. ready to pour out EVERYTHING. ready to humble herself. her attitude was prepared. her heart was prepared. her priorities were right – she did not elevate the opinions of men over her need for redemption and grace.

the result? in that moment, she received a new identity. we don’t remember her as “the prostitute” or “the whore”… we remember her as the woman who anointed Jesus’ feet… once out of the two times Jesus used the word “beautiful” was in regard to what this woman did for Him… He changed her reputation. her preparation led to a new reputation….

we are asking God for great things… and He is MORE THAN ABLE … but are we ready? if God DID bring that husband right now, are you prepared to be the awesome wife? if God DID bring the millions, do you have everything in place to handle the new responsibility of wealth?

never undervalue the season of preparation. never assume it’s only up to God to wave His magic wand and grant your list of desires… be READY for the breakthrough… be RESPONSIBLE in the time of waiting for it.

are we ready? or not?

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