hey everyone!

my name is rebekah dawn gituthu!  let me tell you a little bit about myself and about this website!

i was born in centerville, mississippi, but i have lived in kenya since i was a baby and grown up here – kenya is TRULY my home (my parents have lived here for over 40 years!).  i lived in the states for ten months during my senior year of highschool, and then i went to hillsong college in sydney, australia, to study music ministry – i came home in 2003, joined our church (nairobi lighthouse church) staff in 2005 and have served there in various capacities since then!  i am now the creative arts director and i love it!  i am also a music producer (since 2008), a singer, songwriter, musician and worship leader.

i met my wonderful husband, allan, in 2013, and we got married at the end of 2015!  we live in a beautiful little cottage in the woods, we have three dogs (yorkshire terriers named bailey, buttons and belle), two birds (chip and jo) and we are totally LOVING doing life together!

this website is where i’ll be sharing blogs and new videos and updates and just sharing from my journey as i walk my chosen road!

thank you for visiting!

rebekah dawn

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